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Ten Months Later ... duh!

Posted by: Jada on Monday, March 17, 2008 - 03:17 AM
Jada Rave Would you believe it's March of '08 and I haven't been here in forever? I do apologize ... blame it on the Writers Guild. They started rattling swords last summer saying they were going to strike and my bosses knew what that could mean -- they did strike 3 times in the 80s and the damage was terrible. They say the Los Angeles economy lost billions of dollars because 8,000-ish writers wanted 4 cents a showing more or something dumb like that.

So I have been working my tail off ever since the threats started -- which is good in that when they did go out the company I work for was okay. Bad in that my Journal didn't get finished. I'm not sure, truthfully, when I can go back to it as we've got a bunch of films in post and two shooting but I will try ... it's such fun to write down my life. :-)

So please forgive me ... all the readers and my poor publishing company, Rosa Romance, all of whom's authors have probably pulled a disappearing act just like I had to. Hey, the day job has to come first. That's what pays the rent, right?

Wish you all the best! Thank you for reading, Jada