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Jada's Journals ~ sex, scandals and superstars

Posted by: Jada on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - 06:45 PM
Excerpts of my Journals Hi everyone,

I hope everything's rocking in your world! I am, as usual, completely in-f-ing-sane. Fortunately, it looks like the main project I'm on'll get a green light. Yippeeeee! And here's another little piece of my life, now Baby (apologies to Janice Joplin and whomever wrote the song) -- Jada's Journals ~ sex, scandals and superstars.

Please keep coming every Wednesday to read more.

Thanks for reading, Jada

Excerpt from Jada's Journals ~ sex, scandals and superstars (c) 2007 Jada Nichols. All Rights Reserved.

An hour later, I knew this wasn't gonna be an easy job to get.

Have you ever been grilled by somebody's assistant? I felt like an American cheese sandwich; all melted inside of two pieces of Wonder bread with grill marks from the metal holder like you'd use over an open campfire to grill your dinner on the outside, burnt to a little bitty crisp in wire-wide lines.

But she was good. She knew what her bosses wanted and she wasn't willing to settle for introducing them to less.

She'd started the interview by sending Rita off to visit with her friend Paul in the mini-house next door and, in the same breath, asking me for my resume. And she was impressed when I actually had it, considering that I just stepped off the bus, although it was on a disk in my backpack. We popped it into her computer and printed it out.

Then she read it and started grilling me about everything I'd done for the lawyers I worked for and every other job I'd ever had—from the time I was cleaning horse stalls at age six for the farmer next door, to the pizza parlor after high school.

She wanted to know all my skills, from translating in both Mexican Spanish and Spain's version of Spanish, to shorthand, fast typing, what legal work I had done for that firm—in detail from the real estate deals to the assholes needing out o'jail—and my ability to handle people on the phone and in stress environments.

Hell, I was handling her alright in a stress environment, wasn't I? It must've been all the practice I had shoveling shit for that farmer!

As Rita had said, Andrea—Miss Jackson if you're nasty—wasn't thrilled that I didn't know my way around LA.

Not having a car didn't seemed to bother her at all, however, apparently they had a bunch of extra ones sitting around the house—excuse me, the mansion—that needed the exercise.

Oh boy, less than three hours in LA and I'm already becoming a cynic, aren't I?

I guess I passed muster when she said, "Whata you have cloths-wise stuffed in that backpack of yours that would look good in an interview?"

"Plain black skirt, just below the knees. Black baby doll, no smart ass sayings on it. Plain black flats. You want my hair up or down? And do you want makeup?"

"You're smart and you don't waste time. I like that. Hair up. No makeup, I don't think. You look like you clean up real pretty like, and although Marseya is not at all jealous of David, let's not ask for trouble."

"Yeah, let's not. ***** the boss's the last thing I need right now. Woops, pardon my language."

"It's Hollywood. Not the first time I've heard the word," Andrea was philosophic. "Just don't use it in business around here, or anywhere else in the Town come to think of it . . . especially if you're working for my bosses. A few shits are okay but no fucks. Now, let's get you cleaned up."

She laughed. And sent me off to her own bathroom to take a quick shower and get changed while she called Marseya to see what time it would be convenient for her to meet with me.



Thank you for reading, Jada