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About Jada

I come from one of those southwestern towns where "pest control" means keeping the armadillos from digging condo burrows under the already dead, brown lawn. My dad says I was weaned on beer and Mexican food. He should know. But that there's a whole 'nother story.

I'd never been anywhere until I got to Hollywood. Well, that's not totally true.

I'd been in cactus, and two-stepped over the rattlesnakes, been trained from childhood to remember to put my shoes on before I got out of bed to go to the bathroom during the night so as not to step down barefoot on a trespassing scorpion, sun-burning my pale-cream skin to a blistered red oozing mass . . . damn desert. But that doesn't count as "anywhere"— does it?

Anyway, I worked my ass off and saved every dime to escape the desert. I have a great family who I love mucho but I am just not made for two-steppin' tarantulas and duckin' wicked black widow spiders in the 102 degree heat. So as I explained to my friend Rita, I came to Hollywood, not 'cause I give a holler about celebrities, but because I could afford the bus ticket to here and I figured the Mexican food'd be almost as good as it was at home. I was, fortunately, right!

So here I am, adventuring myself around The Town, still working my ass off only this time it's for a couple 'a movie producers and I'm suddenly in the film business. Do I feel like a stranger in a strange land (with apologies to Robert Heinlein), or what?

And now I'm gonna be a published author ... which is amazing. Not that I don't write all the time, I do. But I never thought about inflicting my journals onto the poor (or even the rich) unsuspecting world. 'Course it could be no one wants to read my weird take on life -- and life in Hollywood in particular -- so I might not stay published long but the gals at Rosa Romance are all creamin' their thongs waiting for my polish of the first book, Jada's Journal ~ sex, scandals and superstars so I hope they're right and you like my life. I'm sure enjoyin' it! :-)